Fantastic Dog Products

By, Dr. Kerris Dillon

These are my two best friends! They follow me around the house, watch as I take my son’s blood sugar, sit with me as I work, and are extremely excited for their nightly walk. They have been there for me through sickness and health and they are definitely part of our family. Here are some products that we love and we hope you will too!

This is Larry our Golden Retriever.
This is Arnold, our rat terrier.

I used to take Walmart bags with me on walks at night, but I felt bad about throwing away plastic. I would love to never use another Walmart bag and found these and I am in love! Now, I don’t feel guilty picking up and throwing away my dog’s poop knowing the bag will easily break down. These are called Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags and have 18 rolls with 15 bags per roll and are around $11.99.

Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags

If you travel with your dog and the dog has quite a bit of hair or gets dirty, this seat cover is fantastic! Our dog will sometimes get sick in the car and this cover is great with protecting our seat cushions. This product is called URPower Dog Seat cover and is around $33.99 on Amazon.

URPower Dog Seat Cover

My bigger dog Larry always laps up all the water in his bowl before my smaller dog Arnold can get any. If I put more water in the water dish, Larry will keep drinking and then have accidents on the floor every 15 minutes because he drank too much. This little device was made for dogs on the go, but I actually use it at home to make sure Arnold gets water. If I am working on my YouTube channel or my blog, I can easily give Arnold a little water without Larry being involved. This product is called Lesotc Dog Water Bottle and is around $19.99.

Lesotc Dog Water Bottle

When my dog Daisy started getting older and she had trouble jumping up on the bed, we bought these stairs and really liked them. We made the mistake of buying stairs that were made of plastic and she wouldn’t have anything to do with them. When we bought these, she used them right away. We used them until she passed away and then gave them to a friend whose dog had trouble climbing up into her bed. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy these stairs again. They were wonderful. They are called Zinus Cozy Pet Stairs and are around $61.99.

I could live without this next product! I would go totally crazy! My rat terrier barks whenever thunder sounds and runs throughout the house trying to attack the loud noise. There are nights where we didn’t sleep for an hour or two because of the barking. We tried all sorts of medications and chews, but to no avail. I didn’t believe this jacket could work, but it did! No more barking during thunderstorms or fireworks! Thank goodness! They make these jackets in a variety of sizes. They are called ThunderShirt Polo Dog Jacket and are around $44.95.

The next product was something I didn’t really need until I got a Golden Retriever. If I don’t brush Larry every single day, the hair begins to fall all over the place or becomes knotted. I love this brush because it is so easy to use and it doesn’t hurt Larry. He seems to enjoy getting brushed and better than that, it is easy to pull the hair from the brush and throw it away. I know there are many brushes on the market, but I really like this one. It would be gentle for both big and small dogs. Some brushes have weird wires that look like they would hurt and it is really hard to get the hair out of the brush. Not this brush! This product is called Pet Grooming Brush and sells for around $14.97.

If you like the smell of lavender, you will LOVE this dog shampoo. It is made from oatmeal and has essential oils in it. Harsh chemicals in other shampoos can harm the skin of most dogs. The shampoos that are made with oatmeal are much better for their skin. I chose this one because it smells fantastic and the lavender is plant-based, which means the fragrance isn’t artificially made. Can’t say enough about how FANTASTIC this shampoo is! The product is by Honeydew and is called Colloidal Oatmeal Dog Shampoo with Pure Lavender Essential Oils. It sells for around $11.95.

Ever had a dog bed that was straight on the ground and either got spilled on, peed on, or moved around by your dog? This is why I love this next product. It stays much more clean than any other bed I have bought. I was concerned when I bought it that my dog wouldn’t use it because it wouldn’t be comfortable. This wasn’t the case. It took a little bit of time for my dog to get used to it, but this is definitely his spot, now. Sometimes, he doesn’t want to go to bed with us, but would rather lay in his cot. It was definitely worth the money and I am all into a clean house, so I am happy too! The product is called K & H Pet Products Original Dog Cot and sells for around $24.99.

Do you work long hours at the office and miss your pal? This neat snack feeder allows you to “drop-in” on your pet, say hello, and provide a treat for him or her. It connects with an app that allows you to see your dog in real time as well as provide them a treat if you would like. This is definitely a tool for those that have to spend lots of time away from their friends and want a way to connect with them from afar. This product is called Furbo Dog Camera and sells for about $199.00 on Amazon.

Affiliate Marketing disclaimer – the author of the blog host gains a percentage of each product sold via the weblinks below each product.

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