Do You Hate Your Job?

I’ve had many jobs in my lifetime. I have flipped burgers at A & W, was a maid at the Red Carpet Inn, chopped salads at my college cafeteria, was a self-defense instructor, substitute taught in the public schools, taught grades 5-12 in the public schools, became an EMT-B, a realtor, taught part-time as a college professor, and am now trying to successfully run a YouTube Channel and blog. I can definitely state the only job that I really hated was flipping burgers!

You thought I’d say being a maid, didn’t you? Actually, being a maid was such hard work that I lost 22 pounds in less than 2 months. Who wouldn’t love that? Now that I’m older and carrying more weight than I want to admit, I’ve thought about going back to being a maid part-time, but then I remember the pubes in the bathtub, the underwear in the sheets, and the pizza stains on the wall and I quickly give up on that idea! I think it drives the older generation crazy that young people switch jobs all the time. I never wanted to come home every night and gripe about how much I hated my job, though. I heard that a little too much even from my friend’s parents.

I never wanted to get to the end of my life and regret all the time I spent in a job that I hated. I started to feel that way during my 5th-6th year of teaching public school. My classroom started feeling like a prison cell that I had to go to every day. The kids were fabulous! I always loved the kids, but the time that students spend in school is way too long. Teachers could instruct everything that students need to know in half the time and they’d probably behave much better. That’s why I began working on my Ph.D. because I knew I wouldn’t make it in public education for 30+ years.

There is so much to liking and hating your job. There were times that I struggled with my job because of my boss or coworkers and they made it next to impossible to stay. It was my friends at work that helped me to stay. I stayed too long, though. I burned out big time and I don’t ever want anyone to go through that. Knowing what you don’t like about your job is really important in deciding whether or not to continue. This is why I built this video. I researched as many scenarios about job dissatisfaction that I could so people could determine the real reasons why they didn’t like their job. There is a difference between disliking your job and needing to quit versus disliking your job and potentially needing to transfer. Take a look at this video and let me know what you think!

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