Old Friends, New Friends, Red Fish, Blue Fish

By, Dr. Kerris Dillon

I know! The title doesn’t make any sense. When I wrote old friends, new friends…it sounded like some sort of Dr. Seuss title so I filled it in. This weekend was an unexpected blast and a total blessing. I generally spend my weekdays and weekends fretting about money and how we’re going to pay the bills. This weekend, we were invited to the home of new friends to spend a little time paranormal investigating. My husband, my youngest son, and myself headed toward a small town in western Iowa with our best couple friends.

You really don’t know how much you’re caught in the day-to-day drab of life until you force yourself out of it for a night or two. The older I get, the more stubborn and fixated I am with staying home. The thought of packing up your clothes, toiletries, food, and your children’s stuff and getting into the car for a long trip makes you hold back tears. I am so grateful for the friends in my life that push me to go places because I always have a wonderful time no matter what we do. I’m like a bitchy old 84 year old even though I’m only 42. I feel like I’ve lived 1000 earthly lives and I came back to this dumpster called Earth where people treat others like shit because their skin is a little darker or they carry an extra ass-cheek in their dairy-air. Who cares? All we are supposed to do here on Earth is love each other. That’s it people. Love each other.

This weekend I got to know a group of people from a small town that were absolutely amazing. From a young stunning energy in her 20’s to a whipper-snapper of a woman whose age I won’t mention, I spent a majority of the weekend laughing. It always strikes me that the most amazing people I’ve met on this Earth have suffered horrendous loss and find a way to pick themselves up again and find some form of laughter in life again. I do believe that God puts people into our lives for each other’s benefit and I needed these individuals at much as they needed me this weekend. I miss small town life and the neighbors that just open their door to you each and every single day. I know I’m not done with the city, yet…but, I definitely yearn for life to slow down a little and just enjoy a campfire and a swim in a backyard pool again.

I left for the city because I was tired of being the entertainment and I needed stimulus that only a populated city could offer. I found that stimulus, but it has always come at a cost. As a good friend put it today, in the city you can be driving and for no reason someone will drive by you and just flip you off. If you’re not careful and reflective, that one lovely gesture can set your whole day up for failure. If you are flipped off in a small town, you know the person that flipped you off and they were probably doing it as a joke to make you laugh before you headed into work.

It is hard to meet people in the city because everyone is traveling a million miles an hour and there’s a lack of trust. This weekend, I stayed at the home of a couple that I’ve only met one other time and they welcomed us in as if we were family. It was wonderful and such a blessing that I can’t even put it into words. I am so grateful for old friends and new friends that give me so much hope for the future. I felt alive again this weekend and I haven’t felt that for a very long time. Life is so short and even though there is so much darkness in this world, our friends often hand us beams of light to help us find our way. I’m so grateful for the light you offered myself and my family this weekend and I can’t wait to share in the good times and laughter again soon!

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