Hatred in the Nation

By, Dr. Kerris Dillon

I just got on Facebook to quickly buzz through some photos and posts and was distraught to find a picture of Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota) with the words stating that those with shit in their brain had to wear a diaper on their head. I really didn’t know the person that posted it, but wanted to offer a response that wasn’t hateful and would potentially get him to think about his post. So, I responded that I was saddened by his post and that my heart dropped when I saw the picture with its caption. I told him that if it were Trump, I would still feel the same sadness about the post. I’ve been trying really hard not to respond to others with the anger that they pose. I feel that only feeds the fire of fear, ignorance, and puts me on the same level as this person.

The man that made the post replied to me that I was obviously not emotionally stable enough to read his posts and that if I didn’t like it, it was “to bad to sad”. He said some other hurtful things, but I’ve decided not to give him a forum for his hatred. Honestly, his lack of grammatical accuracy probably bothered me more than what he stated. I knew I wasn’t going to change him with any response that I offered, but I wanted to provide a response that would get him to stop and think about the picture he posted.

In this divided nation, I didn’t want to offer what this man expected. He expected to see agreements and disagreements to his post. This man responded to my replies within minutes that I posted them. This means he was on his computer looking for a fight, looking to see who were his allies and who were his enemies. I wanted to tell him that I was neither. I wanted to share with him the additional choice that we have each and every day we wake up in this great nation. As a mother, I don’t always like the behavior of my children, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them with my whole heart.

I do love this man that said such mean things to me. Of all the people in the world, he probably needs the most love right now. This doesn’t mean that I need to allow this man to further hurt me. I have already blocked him and won’t be talking to him in the future. I brought closure to the situation though by not falling into the trap of anger and power and said a prayer for him as I erased him from my life. I prayed for him to have others come into his life that can show him patience, tolerance, and acceptance. I was extremely blessed to have people in my life that showed me this road very early in my years. When I am falling off this road and am having a bad day, I surround myself with people that can help lift me back up and put me on the right path.

It is hard to be consistently reflective about the energy and words that I am putting into the world, but it is so important! Every day I wake up, I recognize I have a brand new slate that I can write on and put into the world. I’ve been researching near death experiences (NDE’s) and have watched over 50 individuals talk about meeting God and coming back to Earth with messages to the human race. The one that I keep repeatedly noting is God telling these people that the only thing that matters in this life is how we treat and love each other on this Earth. Watching these videos made me realize that I have a third choice in this divided nation.

Every human has a past and I do not know this man’s past. Maybe others have hurt him so deeply that he lashes out to protect himself against future hurt? Had I shown him anger, it would have only provided justification for his mindset. It feels very freeing to focus on those around me that I can love and lift up. I gave that man to God because I’m not God and I cannot perform miracles. I do believe that if enough people could provide this man with understanding, compassion, and patience that he will eventually learn to love himself as well as others that may be different from him. I will continue to pray that those people come into his life. If our nation is going to pull through this difficult time, it is important to be in the lives of others that think differently than we do. It doesn’t work to tell others how they should think or that they are wrong, but to show them how good compassion and understanding feel when we provide them in this world.

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