Finding God in Human Anatomy

By, Dr. Kerris Dillon

I just finished a video about the anatomy of the eyeball. I know! Why would anyone care about the anatomy of the eyeball? I do! I love it! In this one little part of the human body (about the size of a golf ball) there are so many intricate parts that have to work together to allow a person to see. Each and every time I have studied various parts of the human body, it strengthens my belief systems in God. Only God could put so many intricate parts together to function as a whole. I think science often gets a bad rap because people don’t think it aligns with religion, but I would disagree with this. The more I learn about science the more I shake my head in amazement at the complexities and gifts that God has given us.

I have a doctorate in psychology and I enjoy studying human beings and their behaviors, but I’m often surprised at how many psychologists and counselors don’t have an understanding of the human body. The brain itself is absolutely amazing and it is the one part of the body that doctors, scientists, and psychologists still have very little understanding of. If I could, I would buy my own MRI and electrodes and start researching all different facets of the brain and human behavior. I’d probably get into trouble by the APA, but my fascination with human behavior is endless! Mix this with a passion for parapsychology and I’m a truly happy camper.

I am fascinated by studies that have one group of people prayed for versus another and their outcome. I can’t read enough about individuals that have survived a terminal diagnosis. I would love to study healing energies like Reiki to observe what type of outcome it has with obesity, exhaustion, cancer, brain injuries, or other human illnesses. I love to learn and throughout this learning, I keep recognizing the infinite power of God and the multifaceted directions that have been laid out for us to find His/Her miracles. Watching a new baby being born is definitely one of those miracles that everyone should see in their lifetime. There is truly nothing like it! If you are feeling a lack of connection with God I know this sounds sounds weird, but connect with a little science.

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