A Whole New Level of Crazy

So, had you driven by my home yesterday at 10:00 P.M., you would have seen me sitting on a stool with my dog attached to a leash. Why? Because I’ve had it with my 10 month old Golden Retriever pooping in the house! So, I’ve decided every single time I see him squatting in the house that I’m going to take him outside and sit there until he poops! I sat outside for 70 minutes last night waiting for this monster to poop! Of course, when he finally did it I whisper-yelled and gave him a treat congratulating him and he was totally excited.

I hope to God this little power struggle doesn’t go on for long! I am itching at least a dozen mosquito bites that I didn’t have before and I’m not looking forward to anymore. I can’t wait to get magically rich someday so I can just pay someone to duel with my dogs. I had to keep telling myself, “It will be worth it not to pick up poop anymore in the house!” There is nothing worse than an animal making themselves at home and just letting go on the linoleum. If I didn’t love dogs so much, I probably wouldn’t own one anymore. It will all be worth it, right? Any tips out there please let me know!

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